Why A Marriage Contract May Be Your Happily Ever After

It may not be the stuff of great romance, but it can be the key to everlasting love:

The marriage contract.

The difference between a prenuptial agreement and marriage contract is that a prenup is made before marriage and a marriage contract is made during marriage. A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract that stipulates the terms of certain matters including the division of assets, property, and debt, as well as other responsibilities, in the event of divorce. While a prenuptial agreement is designed to legally protect each party’s best interests in the event of divorce, a marriage contract is a tool designed by expert mediator Colleen McNamee to help couples to take certain actions to prevent divorce

How A Marriage Contract Can Prevent Divorce

The question of whether a marriage can or should be saved is one that no couple wants to find themselves pondering. When spouses are unsure if they want to end their marriage, it often means that there is uncertainty around what it will require and whether it is possible to repair the problems that have strained the relationship and led to the contemplation of divorce. 

A Clear Path Forward 

While not exactly an aphrodisiac, a marriage contract can be the most powerful force to restore harmony in matrimony, as it is an agreement of the changes that both or either spouse(s) will make in order for the relationship to be ameliorable. While a marriage contract cannot guarantee reconciliation, it can help establish clarity and certainty during a typically stressful and unpredictable chapter of a relationship. 

Problems And Solutions

Firstly, establishing a marriage contract creates clarity around problems and solutions in the marriage. 

The negotiation of the marriage contract is facilitated by an expert at McNamee Mediations, giving each spouse an opportunity to speak honestly and productively about the root issues that have led to the consideration of divorce. The mediator helps the couple address and agree on changes that will be implemented to try to improve and save the marriage.


Secondly, a marriage contract provides a clear timeline. Without a time bound agreement, the potential end of a strained marriage can feel like a state of limbo, wondering if or when any progress has been or will be made. A marriage contract is bound to a certain period of time established by the couple, after which it will be decided whether or not to proceed with the divorce. The finalized marriage contract is notarized by legal counsel from McNamee Mediations.


Thirdly, a marriage contract provides clarity around what will happen in the event that the terms are not fulfilled. Instead of waiting until the last straw to file divorce paperwork, all of the paperwork to file for divorce is prepared in advance, by the mediator, at the start of divorce mediation. The final paperwork will not be submitted within or during the designated time of the marriage contract. If either spouse does not honor the rights or responsibilities of the marriage contract, or decides to proceed with divorce at the end of the designated time period, either spouse can contact the mediator to go ahead and file the paperwork with the court. Otherwise, the paperwork will remain in the mediation file indefinitely as you continue to successfully work on your marriage.

Establish Your Marriage Contract With An Expert Mediator

As a mediator, Colleen McNamee is renowned for her ability to facilitate peaceful and amicable discussions as well as her understanding in navigating the complexities of legal separation. Colleen McNamee understands your emotional and practical concerns and is able to provide guidance to couples on a wide range of marital matters.

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