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Not all family conflicts need to result in litigation. Nothing is more personal to most individuals than their family relationships. Bringing conflicts involving family members into a courtroom can be both expensive and emotionally destructive. This is why so many people in the middle of a divorce or other family disputes are turning to a divorce mediator like Colleen McNamee here in Newport Beach, California.

Consider An Alternative to Litigation

Are you an Orange County resident in the middle of a difficult family conflict like divorce? The average divorce in California can cost as much as several $100,000, and take several years to resolve. This is why so many families are looking for a more reasonable alternative.  If you have a legal family conflict such as divorce, consider using a licensed Family Law Mediation Specialist.

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Colleen McNamee at MCNAMEE MEDIATIONS is one of the most respected divorce mediators in Orange County. Call her and ask any questions that you may have. She’ll be able to address any concerns you may have and help you determine whether a mediator is a right fit for your family’s situation.

Mediate to Mitigate

We will help to alleviate fears and begin the process of arbitration in a manner that is customized to your individual needs. Mediation can mitigate the toxic effects of divorce and family conflict. Find out why divorce mediation is a growing trend in divorce resolution, in a state where there is a growing trend toward getting divorced. Marriage dissolution doesn’t have to be as awful or as expensive as you’ve heard about from your friends. Find a friend in Colleen McNamee at McNamee Mediations.