Premarital Workshop Gives You Advice from Family Law Expert on How to Avoid Divorce

Colleen McNamee is a trusted divorce mediation expert based in Irvine, Orange County, California. Besides helping couples going through the process of divorce, she offers many other services. These include providing premarital workshops for couples who intend to marry, helping them ask important questions from a family law point of view that many couples fail to ask. Her legal expertise helps theto avoid future problems that could lead to divorce. 

Facts about Divorce in the United States

The fact is that divorce is extremely expensive, but it’s surprising that the number of couples filing for divorce are continuing to rise. Regardless what the reason is for separation, the costs of filing for divorce are very expensive. The two options to avoid much of the expenses of divorce are to use a mediator or to simply avoid filing for divorce in the first place.

McNamee Mediations – Helping Couples Requiring Family Law Divorce Services

McNamee Mediations is the solution that couples seeking family law assistance. We provide services that allow couples to file for divorce through a more cost-effective and more efficient process known as divorce mediation.

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Colleen McNamee is interviewed in a radio show called Money Matters with Dino. In this event, she explained how she created the Marriage Contract and how it can help couples who want to fix their marriage.

We Offer Premarital Workshops to Help Couples Avoid Divorce

But our hope is not just to help couples trying to separate in the best way possible. We want to help couples preparing to get married avoid the common pitfalls that so many people in marriages find themselves in. So besides divorce mediation, Colleen McNamee of McNamee Mediations also offers premarital workshops for couples who intend to marry. Through her workshop, she helps partners avoid divorce by establishing proper planning of their marriage and creating healthier communication practices. All these and more are included in her 3-part premarital seminar.

One-on-One Premarital Seminar

All throughout the course of the workshop, Colleen meets with the couple privately. She provides a worksheet for them to complete. This worksheet includes questions that Colleen herself has chosen. In her experiences as a family law attorney/mediator, she has observed many variables that have commonly and directly caused couples to file for divorce. Colleen chose the questions for the worksheet according to these experiences. All the items are important questions that couples who intend to marry and want to avoid separating in the future should answer, and about which they can have meaningful discussions between the two of them.

Colleen McNamee's interview at Money Matters with Dino. She talks about the premarital workshops that McNamee Mediation offers for couples who want to avoid divorce.
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A professionally drafted marriage contract is a tool created by Colleen McNamee to give couples who want to work their marriage a chance to fix their problems before filing for divorce.

Premarital Counseling from a Legal Standpoint

The premarital workshop that Colleen offers her clients is different from the premarital counseling offered by a church or a therapist. Her counseling is not religious or therapeutic in nature. Instead, its core purpose is to counsel couples on how to avoid divorce from based on her years of experience in family law. By creating a premarital agreement couples can have a plan moving forward on their marriage.

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Colleen McNamee has many years of experience of helping couples through the process of filing for divorce. As an attorney, she goes beyond what other mediators can offer because she can give sound family law advice in many additional areas.

Besides premarital workshops and divorce mediation, we at McNamee Mediations have many more services for couples in Orange County. The services we offer are all cost-effective. For more information, call us today at +1 (949) 223-3836. You can also send your inquiries by emailing us at!