Prevent Divorce by Asking Very Important Questions With a Premarital Agreement

Many couples dive into marriage without asking very important questions about key topics. They worry that discussing potentially sensitive topics will cause problems. But the truth is that having conversations about important factors that often cause divorce can prevent them in the future.

Colleen McNamee draws on her years of experience as a divorce mediator, having seen all of the common problems that couples face in their marriages. She has designed a premarital workshop where she helps couples prepare a premarital agreement, useful activity that helps couples take preventative steps to avoid divorce. This can be a very important process to go through before making the enormous commitment of marriage.

Why Premarital Counseling with a Divorce Mediator is Better than Other Types of Counseling

There are various reasons why couples file divorce. Most of the time, the causes for divorce are those that could have been prevented if the couple went through premarital counseling. There are groups and professionals that offer premarital counseling, and these include churches and therapists. The way that these advocates perform counseling are very different from each other. But the most ideal kind of counseling is that which allows couples to ask each other key questions to certain issues. This style of counseling is offered by Colleen McNamee of McNamee Mediations.

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Colleen's Interview on Money Matters with Dino, regarding how to avoid divorce. She talked about asking tough questions through her premarital counseling worksheet,

Who is Colleen McNamee?

Colleen McNamee is a well-experienced divorce mediator who can help couples tackle tough topics before their wedding. Her method of premarital workshop is designed to help partners avoid problems that could potentially cause the breakdown of their marriage.

McNamee Mediations’ Premarital Workshop

The premarital workshop offered by McNamee Mediations is a 3-part seminar that helps couples establish proper planning of their marriage and create healthier communication practices. In this workshop, the couple is provided with a worksheet that contains a series of questions for them to answer. This worksheet was created by Colleen McNamee herself.

In her many years of experience as a divorce mediation expert, Colleen has identified the issues that commonly and directly cause couples to file for divorce. She formulated specific questions that are related to these issues. Most, if not all, of the questions are relatively tough to answer, but it is necessary for couples to go through each one of them, in order to avoid separating in the future.

A few examples of the topics tackled in the worksheet include plans of having children, who should stay home and who should work, spiritual environment you want to raise the children in, etc. Most of the time, the questions are those that couples are afraid to ask because these issues can be very sensitive to discuss.

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Take the Time to Put Together a Premarital Agreement

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Creating a premarital agreement might feel unromantic to a couple in love, but it can be an enormously helpful process to go through, and prevent many problems in the future. Allow yourself a short period of time before getting married to really think logically and realistically about the relationship and family you’ll be establishing. You won’t regret taking the time to discuss these issues and create a reasonable plan that works for both of you.

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Marriage is a huge milestone in you and your partner’s life. This is why it is important to take measures that will help both of you be prepared to enter this new phase in your lives. The premarital counseling provided by an experienced divorce mediator can help both of you Subscribe to McNamee Mediations’ premarital workshop today and create your premarital agreement. Send us an email through