Here is some of the feedback we have received from our clients:

“Our mediator was very professional & her negotiating skills along with her people skills were an asset to our case.  She was able to work through a very difficult case & get the job done when others could not.” – Sherry


“Our mediator was very professional & she explained everything to us to make the process easily understandable for both sides.  I will & have already referred her to other people.  Thank you for all of your hard work!” – Janet


”I thought getting my own separate attorney would protect my rights better, but 2 appointments into mediation I let him go and it was the best decision I could have made.  My mediator was amazing!”– J


“I saved so much money, time, and emotional aggravation by mediating my divorce” – Cindy


“McNamee Mediations is very professional yet caring.  You feel like you are more than just a case. I never thought my wife and I would be able to reach an agreement and in a few short months we both walked away happy with the outcome – unbelievable!”– Steve


“My wife and I are both well-known professionals in the community and were concerned with fairness and privacy; mediation was the perfect choice for us.”– Anonymous


“Our mediator suggested that we also do a Parenting Plan in conjunction with our divorce.  I didn’t even know what that was and I thank her for suggesting it, because it really helped us make the transition easier on our children and ultimately ourselves as well!”– Sue


“My husband and I both had our own attorneys for a year and a half and not much of anything got done besides a lot of emotional stress and fees being billed.  We finally broke down and decided to try mediation instead and everything was done within 3 months and for a fraction of what we had already spent!  We both said we wish we had gone to mediation from the get-go.” – Christine


“Our mediator really helped us problem solve and come up with an agreement that we were both happy with in the end.  Mediation actually helped my spouse and I to have a better relationship with each other when all was said and done!” – Chris


“It made a huge difference that we had a female mediator. My wife felt extremely comfortable with her which allowed her to break through some barriers we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.” – Michael


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