Orange County Pre Marital Workshop – How to Avoid Divorce

5 Tips on How to Avoid Divorce



One of the most important services we offer as licensed family law mediators, is our Pre Marital Workshop. This 3-part seminar allows us to help couples preparing for marriage. Very often people getting married get spiritual advice or couples counseling. But rarely do they seek a legal expert when preparing for marriage. In this video series and it’s accompanying articles you can see the wide variety of useful information that is covered in our pre-marriage seminar, from discussing financial issues through a prenuptial agreement, to avoiding codependency. Learn the important facts that can help prevent divorce in your marriage here in Southern California.


Read Part One –  Top Legal Advice on How to Avoid Divorce

or watch the video below



How to Avoid Divorce – Orange County Pre Marital Workshops


Read Part Two – Prevent Divorce by Asking Tough Questions Prior to Getting Married

or watch the video below



**Avoiding Divorce** by Asking TOUGH Questions on Core Issues BEFORE Marriage


Read Part Three – The Marriage Contract – A Last Ditch Effort Before Sending in Divorce Papers

or watch the video below



**Preventing Divorce** With a MARRIAGE CONTRACT


Read Part Four – Avoiding “Marriage for the Wrong Reason” Through Prenuptial Agreement

or watch the video below



**Prenuptial Agreement** – Money and Marriage in IRVINE, California


Read Part Five – Avoid The Death of Your Marriage Through Codependency

or watch the video below



*Avoiding DIVORCE* because of **Codependency** in Your MARRIAGE


Read Part 6 – Becoming Lost in the Roles of Marriage Can Cause Divorce

or watch the video below



FAMILY LAW MEDIATOR Explains **Common Cause of DIVORCE**


Read Part 7: Becoming United in Marriage Through a Shared Vision of Success

or watch the video below



*Escape Divorce* by Having a Shared Vision of Success in Your Marriage


Read Part 8: The Death of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage and How it Causes Divorce



or watch the video below





When **Sexual Intimacy** Disappears – Causing DIVORCE!


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