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Divorce ​can be an incredibly​ difficult and challenging time to have to go through but with the right​ Team of experts, it can be made easier. In this INTERACTIVE VIDEO, Family Law Mediation Specialist Colleen McNamee, Relationship Expert Dr. Jeanne Michele PhD, and Certified Financial Planner Daryl Cole offer free information on how to navigate the​ legal, emotional, and financial struggles of infidelity, separation, or divorce. The Team addresses common, challenging questions including “Is it best to stay together for the kids?”, “What’s the difference between Divorce Mediation vs Litigation?”, and “How to survive the financial aftermath of a divorce?” Click anywhere in the video to get started.

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Colleen McNamee – Certified Family Law Mediation Specialist

Dr. Jeanne Michel PhD – Relationship Expert

Daryl Cole – Certified Financial Planner

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