If you are going through a separation or divorce, the process can be pretty confusing and stressful. Besides the enormous personal changes, you are confronted with a legal maze and the need to make important financial decisions. When trust has broken down, it helps tremendously to work with a neutral facilitator, or mediator, who can take you through the issues one by one, looking at options. In mediation, we look for choices that might satisfy everyone’s needs. Even if there is tension and anger, mediation can assist you in planning a future that meets your children’s needs, and yours.

Whether your situation is relatively straightforward or complex, we can assist you at any time before or after your separation to the final written divorce settlement, while significantly minimizing the cost and stress of divorce.

Clients bring some of the following concerns to us:

  • Questions regarding alimony and child support
  • Want information concerning dividing assets
  • Not familiar with options in divorce
  • Unable to communicate well with spouse
  • Need assistance to create a well-informed parenting plan
  • Worry about what will happen to the house
  • One person is more financially sophisticated
  • Who will write the final divorce agreement

Ask yourself:  Why should you pay two lawyers a lot of your money to fight each other in court?

Instead, why not try to work out your problems as two adults, with the help of a neutral professional.  If you can be part of the solution rather than part of the problem, you’ll reduce the friction between the two of you and the outcome will be a greater success all the way around!

Specific “Dissolution” Services That Are Provided:

  • Divorce Dissolution
  • Legal Separation
  • Summary Dissolution
  • Annulment
  • Domestic Partnership Dissolution

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