Custody and Support

California family law requires a court to make each decision regarding child custody, support, or other issues involving a child based entirely on the best interests of the child.

As your mediators, we will help you develop a strategy that, whether you are married, divorced, in a domestic partnership, or an unmarried parent, will protect your child and your parental rights during the mediation process. We never lose sight of our goal: protecting your parental rights and your child’s welfare. Nothing is more important than your relationship with your child.

This area of mediation covers all of the following issues:

  • Child Custody
    • Legal
    • Physical
  • Visitation Rights
    • Holiday Schedules
    • Sliding Scale Visitation Schedules
  • Child Support
    • Health Insurance
    • Uncovered Health Care Costs
    • Schooling
    • Extra Curricular Activities
    • Child Care
    • Tax Deductions
  • Spousal Support
    • Temporary
    • Permanent
  • Health Insurance
    • Married 10 years or longer

**We also prepare customized Parenting Plans so let us know if this is something that you are interested in.

Custody and Support Information Request

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