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Want to know what people have to say about McNamee Mediations. The online reviews keep coming in, and a quick glance at Google and Yelp alone gives you an incredible look at the inner workings of a small Newport Beach business that knows how to please its clients. We’ve become one of the highest-rated family law mediation offices in Orange County, California. But don’t take our word for it…

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“. . . we BOTH got what we needed and wanted at a fraction, FRACTION of litigating the divorce in court. Picture saving…$100k..!!”

– Dave l.

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“. . . I had no idea how much mediation would really end up being a balance between law and psychology, and Colleen excels at striking that balance! . . .”

– Mike M

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“. . . After meeting with Colleen, I realized I was in the hands of someone who knew what they were doing and that I could trust. . . ”

– Melody C.

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In our circumstances, I never thought we would fully make it through the mediation process, but she did it professionally and peacefully.

– Kristin

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“. . . I refer business to Colleen because she is rare gem in the legal profession who cares about the profession, mentors young lawyers, and donates hours back to the community by working with women and men to empower them to get out of abusive relationships . . .”

Jason Burris Esq.
Principal at Burris Law

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“…There can be a lot of confusion and second guessing in a divorce, and Colleen truly provided a peace of mind. She genuinely was wanting the best for BOTH of us… ”

“After 4 attorneys and 3 years of negotiation, couple resolves issues in 5 months!

Read this WARNING before litigating with an attorney!

“…My husband and I BOTH agree we should have stayed with meditation… ”

Why seek an attorney for creating a prenuptial agreement when their goal is to cause an adversarial relationship?
Who wants that tension with their fiañce?
This couple discovered that using a certified family law mediator with extensive experience was the right solution.

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A Family Law Mediator with experience as a Lawyer can even solve complicated paternity settlements.