Divorce Mediation in Orange County - The Many Ways a Divorce Mediator Can Help You

5 Tips on How to Avoid Divorce

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Divorce Mediator

Mediation dramatically reduces the time suck, creeping costs, and over-all disruption to your life — compared to divorce litigation. Mediation increases your privacy, control over the decisions being made, and promotes positive relationships after the divorce. Here are 6 reasons litigation should be avoided, and if this option fits your family’s needs, you should strongly consider divorce mediation as an optimal option for resolving these sensitive issues.

Divorcing With Children

Divorcing with children can be one of the hardest and most sensitive parts of any divorce. Learn the many things to consider before entering litigation or mediation like child support, holiday schedules, vacation schedules, and parenting plans.

Discovering the Advantages of Divorce Mediation

Divorce can be a traumatic experience to everyone, both to spouses and kids. It can be emotionally stressful, and financially costly at a time when you may need to conserve your resources. So it’s no wonder that many families are giving strong consideration to divorce mediation, an option growing in popularity in the United States, and particularly here in Newport Beach California and surrounding areas. Will mediation be a good choice for your family’s current situation? Find out here.

What to Know Before Using a Divorce Mediator

We talk about what to look for when choosing a family law mediation specialist here in Orange County, to help to resolve your divorce. We also explain the preparation you’ll need to make prior to meeting with one of our mediators, giving some useful tips for improving the experience. Divorce is never easy. Find out the factors to carefully consider that will help make the process easier, and less painful.

7 Divorce Mediation Tips

When preparing for divorce mediation, it’s wise to consider these 7 tips. Mediation doesn’t always work for every couple. To give you the best chance of finding success in mediation be sure to spend plenty of time on each recommendation, exploring each thoroughly. This requires a lot of soul-searching, as well as financial preparation.

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