The Divorce Trifecta: Ensuring Your Legal, Financial, and Psychological Health Before, During, and After Your Divorce

Divorce is one of the most stressful and difficult times for a person to go through. In fact, the Holmes-Rahe Stress Scale indicates that divorce is only second to the death of a beloved spouse in terms of the amount of stress, anguish, and psychological suffering a person can go through.

While the obvious reasons for a divorce can be bad enough – the dissolution of a long-lasting relationship, the severing of familial ties, and the separation of children from their parents – there are plenty of more hidden effects a divorce might have on an individual. If the ex-partner was having an affair, for instance, there may be long-lasting psychological effects that may plague the other party causing them to question why they were not good enough and what they’re lacking.

There are also the financial aftershocks of divorce – in other words, what the separation might mean for your physical well-being in addition to your psychological well-being. If you do even a cursory search through the web, there are an abundance of stories about the kind of financial nightmares people have gone through thanks to a vindictive spouse and their effective lawyers.

One of the most destructive aspects of the family court system is the incentives it gives to lawyers to prologue and intensify the conflicts between different parties during a litigated divorce. Thanks to the more adversarial court environment, family law attorneys can insist that one party or another get a more favorable settlement by holding certain items or, even worse, time with children hostage in exchange for a little more money going into their pockets.

Thankfully, divorce doesn’t have to be the miserable experience commonly depicted in the media or by your buddy at the bar. With the right team of experts, you can emerge from your divorce relatively unscathed and even maintain something of a cordial relationship with your ex-spouse.

That’s where the divorce trifecta of Orange County comes into play. While something of a macabre name, the divorce trifecta is a trio of experts determined to make the lives of couples undergoing a legal separation better, more prosperous, and psychologically healthy for everyone involved.

Colleen McNamee, the divorce mediator, is a legal specialist in helping couples work together to create a mutually beneficial divorce settlement, rather than playing the two parties against one another. As a mediator, she works as a neutral third party who represents BOTH parties as they navigate the minefield of a legal separation, making sure that they create an equitable agreement that both can leave satisfied with and who are more likely to continue an amicable relationship with one another afterwards.

Dr. Jeanne Michele is a relationship expert that focuses on helping couples improve their mental health after a divorce has been finalized. The psychological echoes of divorce are far-reaching, and Dr. Jeanne helps each member of the separated couple find peace with what transpired during the course of the relationship and find the strength to move on with their lives.

Daryl Cole is a Certified Financial Planner specializing in helping separated couples regain their financial health once the relationship ends. While divorce can do a huge number on your financial health, Daryl can work his magic to ensure that you will be secure and thriving during your post-marital life.

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