Prevent Divorce Through a Professionally Drafted Marriage Contract

Asking tough questions is one way to avoid divorce!

Colleen McNamee is an expert divorce mediator based in Orange County, California, who also provides services for couples who want to avoid divorce. Among those services are providing premarital workshops and creating marriage contracts. Read about her expert tips on how to prevent divorce by clicking here!

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Thinking of filing for divorce but having second thoughts? If you want to give your marriage a chance to work out before making the final decision to divorce, McNamee Mediations can help you! You can try having a marriage contract drafted! Learn more about this tool! Contact Colleen McNamee today by sending her an email through!

Colleen McNamee at McNamee Mediations has devised a useful tool for helping couples on the last leg of their marriage, prior to divorce. By using a marriage contract she sets the terms for remaining in the marriage. If one of the spouses breaks one of the terms, divorce paperwork can be submitted to the courts immediately, terminating the marriage. This process can be enormously motivating for some couples willing to give it one more try in attempting to prevent divorce. This is just one of many services that Colleen offers as a family law mediator, built with the experience of many of years of helping people through the process of divorce mediation.


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Colleen McNamee is interviewed in a radio show called Money Matters with Dino Katsiametis. In this event, she explained how she created the Marriage Contract and how it can help couples who want to fix their marriage. For more information about Colleen McNamee and her various services, contact her today! Click here!

Not Entirely Sure You are Ready to Give Up on Your Marriage Yet? Then this May be the Answer for You!

Couples file for divorce because of various reasons. Regardless the cause, deciding to file for legal separation is not easy. You want to think it through before you make any final decision. Divorce is both stressful and expensive. It would be wiser to evaluate all options to save the marriage before deciding to file for divorce.

If you are not completely sure if you want to push through with the divorce process or legal separation, one of the best solutions that can help you is a marriage contract.

What is a Marriage Contract?

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Colleen McNamee, a well-experienced family mediator, explains that there are various ways to prevent divorce, and one of them is through a marriage contract. A professionally drafted marriage contract is a tool created by Colleen herself to give couples who want to work out their marriage a chance to fix their problems before filing for divorce. Learn about the many couples satisfied with Colleen’s services!

Before we define what a marriage contract is, let’s first point out what it is not. The marriage contract we are talking about is not referring to the marriage certificate you get after being wed. It is, rather, referring to a tool created by veteran divorce mediator, Colleen McNamee, to provide couples a final attempt to save their marriage.

How is the Marriage Contract Made?

Together with a divorce mediation expert from McNamee Mediations, you and your spouse will identify the root causes of your marital problems, which have led you to filing for divorce. Then, both of you will negotiate the writing of a written contract, which will address the agreed changes that need to be made, in order to try and save your marriage. This contract is also time-bound, which means that after an agreed span of time, you will reevaluate whether you should continue with the filing for legal separation or not. Once the document is finalized, it is notarized by legal counsel from McNamee Mediations.

How Does the Contract Work?

At the beginning of the divorce mediation process, the mediator prepares all the necessary paperwork for the divorce. But these papers will not be submitted to the court until the time designated in the marriage contract is over. When the time given in the agreement is up, and if the one of the spouses decides to continue with the divorce process, all the paperwork necessary for filing is already prepared and will be submitted.

The marriage contract also includes the rights and responsibilities of the couple to each other during the agreed time that they will work out their marital issues. If, for some reason, one or both of you fail to adhere to the terms you both promised to abide by in the contract, and one of you decides to move forward with the separation, you can simply contact the mediator to file the documents with the court. Otherwise, the paperwork will just remain in a file indefinitely.

Help from a Divorce Mediation Specialist in Orange County, California

You and your spouse might be going through a tough time and your marriage seems to be breaking apart. But if you both still want to try to make the relationship work, McNamee Mediations can help you work things out. Colleen McNamee is a divorce mediation expert based in Orange County, California. Her years of experience with couples going through divorce has taught her that most people want to do whatever is possible to try to fix their marriage before taking the difficult step of divorce. This is why she created the marriage contract. Through this tool, you and your spouse can give yourselves one more chance to fix things before you make that life-changing decision to alter your family structure permanently. For more information about Colleen McNamee and her services, contact her through (949) 223-3836.

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Colleen McNamee is a veteran divorce mediator that you can trust. Going through marital problems? Deciding whether you should file for divorce? Want to get her legal advice on certain issues in your marriage? If you have any of these concerns, Colleen can give you sound legal advice to help you make the right decision! Click here to contact Colleen McNamee today!

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