Divorce Mediation For Blended Families And Complex Family Dynamics

Blended families are often hailed as the ultimate modern families. Their woven histories make for great dinner conversations, filled with stories of how love can unite individuals from different walks of life in beautiful and sometimes unexpected ways.

Blended families also face unique challenges in real life that aren’t resolved as easily as a short episode of a beloved family sitcom. Studies suggest that divorce rates are higher for second marriages, as well as for those who have children from previous relationships. These facts highlight how important it is for those with complex family dynamics to choose the best type of family law expert to guide them through their unique divorce process. 

A History Of Divorce

Couples generally have two options to legally formalize the settlement of the end of their marriage: litigation or mediation. While both options exist today, divorce litigation as a legal process was established far before divorce mediation was ever known as an option. Traditional divorce was established in an era when the concept of family was overwhelmingly nuclear. 

The history of traditional divorce proceedings dates back to a time when the concept of divorce was widely regarded as taboo. Divorce was largely viewed negatively, as a battle between two enemies embroiled in a fight to a bitter end. However, as cultural sentiments about marriage, family, and divorce have altogether evolved over time, the stigma of ending a marriage has faded. Leaving behind outdated notions, mediation has redefined divorce as two parties co-creating a future that is more mutually ideal than a court order. Without the constraints of the past, mediation empowers individuals to end their marriages more efficiently and amicably than ever before.

Modern Families And Modern Divorce 

While traditional divorces can escalate disagreements in rigid hostility, mediation aligns more closely with the dynamic of blended families, fostering collaboration and compromise that pave the way for boundary-breaking and norm-defying creative solutions. Mediation is designed to be inclusive of the diverse perspectives and multifaceted needs and concerns of adults and children from current and previous marriages. 

Traditional divorce is structured such that each divorce attorney advocates solely for the best interests of the party they represent, often at the expense of the other party. On the other hand, a mediator guides all parties with sincere open-mindedness and neutrality, in the privacy and comfort of their office. 

The rules and laws of mediation help couples divorcing in blended families better explore possible solutions to disputes about co-parenting, business assets, estates, and beyond. Different sibling and parental bonds within blended families often extend beyond biological ties, challenging conventional notions of kinship and inheritance. Divorce mediation helps co-parents of blended families arrange physical and legal custody and plan for holidays, birthdays, and other significant occasions, especially where differences in beliefs and values exist regarding religion, gender, politics, finances, and culture. 

Mediation is tailored and optimized for families of all types. McNamee Mediations facilitates respectful communication around sensitive issues and conflicts to support the well-being of all parties as they transition into a new family structure.

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